Kashmir - becoming a neverland for Indians

Kashmir is known as a god's state of India. Some parts of Kashmir is disputed, claimed by India and Pakistan and some by china. Kashmir forms the head of India, if you see the map of India. But I am surprised to see the recent maps of India sold outside india. I couldn't find Kashmir as a part of India on the globe !!

It was a strange incident this year that some BJP activists were not allowed to hoist the Indian flag in Srinagar's Lal chowk. The state has been trying to get back to normalcy since few decades. But it seems that Kashmiri residents have to undergo lot of things yet. Our national flag depicts what our revolutionary leaders have done for our country. It is a symbol of their scarifies and self less life. Srinagar which is still part of India had to face this unseen situation. The reasons that were given for not letting the BJP activists to hoist the flag were ridiculous. Home minister P. Chidambram requested the activists not to escalate tension in the city. While chief minister Omar Abdullah feels that the state is trying to get back to normalcy since long time and this incident could add more tension and violence. While Lal chowk was the place where our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru had promised kashmiri citizens that they would have the right to vote and form the government. This incident has certainly created vibes in India. Not to be biased but any issue created by BJP or RSS becomes a questionable event.

When our government is stopping we Indians to hoist our flag on our land, then how can they allow a pakistani flag to be hoisted in Lal chowk. It is very disturbing to know that chief minister Omar Abdullah was giving contradictory statements. He mentions that Kashmir wants to return back to normalcy and thinks that if India's flag is hoisted there than it creates tension. But how can he allow activists to organize a meeting and also to hoist pakistani flags around Lal chowk ?? Double standards !! Also, was it an encouraging gesture from Chidambaram to give a nod to chief minister's decision? These questions will arise in anyone's mind.

A meeting was hosted by Kashmiri separatist leader and chairman of Hurriyat conference Syed Ali Geelani, called 'Azadi - Freedom the only way'. In this meeting inflammatory anti Indian speeches were being given, what was our honorable home minister doing on that day? Probably gone out of India for vacation, ehh !! He didn't take any measures to prevent this meeting to happen. BJP slammed the central govt for allowing the conference in New Delhi.

These are the double standards of our government officials and the chief minister of Kashmir. This incident has left all the Indians stunned. This political drama unearths their real faces. What about the national security and integrity which should be the main concern for the government?? You keep sensitive issues pending for years and let the outsiders to crash in !!

Apart from political issue, this incident is also subject to the matter of self respect for the nation. I have never seen any country preventing their people to hoist its own national flag. This incident is a real sham for the government and we all condemn on it.


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  1. Raniii, this is a shit on us.. Indian Flag is not allowed to be hoisted.. Oh God.. This is really bad.. Somehow we should eradicate all these differences and should glitter as India.. Thanks for sharing this post and links.. You have done a awesome Job..

  2. यार मेरे एक बात समझ में नहीं आई, इतने सैनिक थे वहाँ पर (लाल चौक पर) - किसी भी एक सैनिक से तिरंगा फहराकर केवल एक फोटो ही लाल चौक की मीडिया में प्रसारित कर देते. भले ही बीजेपी वालों को कश्मीर में नहीं घुसने देते. भारत माँ की लाज तो बच जाती.


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