Love by chance !

Rima was a successful interior decorator. She was smart and intelligent. Her clients were always happy with her work. She had a great passion for this career and she always saw herself in this profession since her childhood. But in this rat race where she managed to keep the market demand high she forgot that she was getting old. Her 28th birthday was approaching and she forgot about it until her friends planned a surprise birthday for her.

She blew the candles and turned to her friends. Her friend asked her what was her wish. Rima replied "Well, if you girls won't judge me then i can tell my wish. I want to celebrate this valentine's day with my would be husband." Her friends were shocked. There was just one month left for the V'day to arrive and they were worried as they didn't wanted Rima to end up with a wrong guy. Suddenly, Rima looked very desperate to them.

She made attempts to find a guy by looking up in the dating sites. But she didn't find her Mr. Perfect in the online sites. She went for dinner in the evening with her close friend who was married now.

Rima - "Sheela, I want you to understand how much important it is for me to get married now. I turned 28 last week and look at me even though i have a successful career I have no one in my life."

Sheela - "Yes dear, but don't worry. Don't take hasty decisions. Look at me, I married a person of my parent's choice. I am very happy. right dear?" She asked her husband Amit.

Amit - "Yeah Rima. Look at you, you are so beautiful and stunning. I am sure a girl like you shouldn't worry much. Nowadays, no body cares when you get married. Moreover, 28yrs onwards would be the right time to get serious and marry someone."

Sheela was bit surprised by Amit's reaction but she just maintained a constant smile towards Rima.

Amit - "Infact I have a good news for you. I know a guy in my office who seriously wants to date a girl for marriage. If you are interested then you both can meet and see if it clicks."
Sheela - " Who is he? Is he Harsh?"
Amit replied "Yes, Harsh. Remember Sheela he got the best employee award and he is in fact the only son in his family. His family is well respected too. If you guys are okay then the families can meet and decide further."

Rima was elated to hear this.
Rima - "Yes, yes why not. I am open to meet Harsh. His name sounds exciting. Harsh means happy or happiness. I hope he fills my life with happiness" she was blushing so much. Sheela and Amit saw her excitement and told her that they will call Harsh talk to him and let her know when he could meet her.

Two days passed and Rima didn't get any call from the couple. She tried to reach Sheela and her husband and left voice message on their phone. She called Amit at his workplace and left a message with his secretary. Rima was getting paranoid as the days were passing by. She opened an account in and started looking for suitable grooms. She tried to talk to couple of them online and found that they had just created the ids for fun and were not really into marriage. She was so furious, she took her phone and called helpline and reported about those fake ids. She was at Barista coffee shop with her single friends and they were just discussing about her progress regarding the "Groom search" when she got a call from Amit.

Amit - "Hey Rima, Amit here."
Rima - " Amit... huhh. you guys respond back to someone after 3 days ! In this way you guys will make me wait forever to meet Harsh. You guys should understand the gravity of my situation." She kept on ranting some or other things to him on the phone and suddenly she realized it was just too much!

Amit - "Hey dear, I know we really should have called you back. I am sorry we had to suddenly go to my mother's place. She was sick and there were some family issues which I had to take care of. My phone was switched off but I got the message from my secretary."

Rima - "Oh i am so sorry to hear that. I apologize for leaving wierd voice messages."
Amit - "No problem. I will arrange tomorrow's dinner for you at clubzone near the market place. Is that okay?"
Rima - "Yes ofcourse, I am eager to meet Harsh."

"I need to go to a beauty parlor immediately. I need to get a new haircut and get my facial done" She told to her friends. Later next day evening she wore a nice red dress and was excited and nervous. She prepared a speech of what she would talk to Harsh. She didn't wanted him to give an impression that she is desperate.

She entered clubzone and waiter asked her to have a seat. She selected a nice place that had a garden view. She saw Amit coming towards her.
Rima - "Hey Amit, is everything all right? Where is Harsh?" she had a spark in her eyes.
Amit - "Wow.. this is what I love about you. You are so beautiful. You eyes are the best in this world."
Rima - "Amit, what are you talking about? You are my best friend's husband."
Amit - "Well.. things are not working out between me and Sheela. You are the kind of person I want to be with" He tried to pull Rima's hand.
Rima - "Amit shut up... I can't date a married man! please understand I am very serious about getting married. I don't want to ride on a used car ........." She started running away from Clubzone and suddenly she ran on the road and there was a taxi passing by which had to apply harsh brakes. She feel down on the road and suddenly the driver came out and the passenger looked worried.

Taxi driver - "What mam.. why were you running out of a club like this.. are you participating in a marathon.. you could have been killed by a taxi.." He was annoyed. The passenger calmed him down and went towards Rima.
Passenger - "Hey are you okay miss. I am a doctor please get into the cab. My clinic is near by. I will apply some ointments to your arm"

Later after few days on Valentine's day...
Rima - "Hiii doc, do you know that today is the day when i will be stealing your heart."
Doctor smiled when he saw Rima with flowers and balloons and she dramatically was on her knees and she said
"I Rima... with all faith and consciousness is asking you Dr. Vikram.. will you marry me?"

Was it love by accident?? Or Love by chance?? What ever it is Rima kept her promise and she was in love by the V'day ! Just in time...

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  1. Love by chance. :P

    And love moves through my days, in mysterious ways...

    Interesting read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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