Everyone wants to be in the center of attraction usually among their friends, family or colleagues. Mostly because they are happy about something or they want to share something. I sometimes wonder at times i used to hide myself from the people. I never wanted people to notice me or think about my existence. This feeling of being 'invisible' dominates people when they get hurt in a relationship. Broken hearts and the pain they feel might be invisible to others but if you undergo that pain you will realize how much painful it is.
After being together for 2 years romance seemed to be ceasing out of Julie's life. She was very happy with Rajesh but things didn't work out as she thought. After trusting him far long, he ditched her saying that his parents are unhappy with this relationship. The truth was he wanted a change. Rajesh was a kind of a guy who wanted to fall in love just to experience the feeling of love and he was coward enough to take the hard rocky paths and fulfill the desire of his partner.

Meanwhile, Julie had a hard time convincing herself and Rajesh that this relationship would work. She needed a chance to talk to Rajesh's parents and set this problem. But poor Julie was unaware of Rajesh's evil intentions and she thought he was backing off to give respect to his parent's feelings. One night she called him and had a conversation about their relationship.

Julie: Rajesh, where do you think this relationship is going?
Rajesh: Julie, I have told you to move on and I can't do much as my parents are sentimental about it.
Julie: But i will prove to them that I can be a best daughter in law.
Rajesh: I am sure Julie you are the best. But believe me they are not in a mood to listen to your name.

Julie: Can I talk to them ? Just once. I promise i will try not to beg or cry in front of them and respect their opinion about you.
Rajesh: Why do you want to give them more pain? They are from a small village and they can't survive if people are talking bad about me, marrying some girl from a different caste.
Julie: Rajesh, you could have not proposed to me if you already knew they were not going to approve it. Don't u want to fulfill your promise of living together... whatever happens you were going to make it right.
Rajesh: I tried my best Julie.. who would want to loose a girl like you.. but i have some responsibilities towards my parents and I am their only son. I am sure you will find a guy who can take care of you much better than me..

Julie started crying again and she couldn't sleep the rest of the night.. successively for 2 days and nights her mood was low and she was being suicidal. Rakesh had adviced her to forget about him and not talk to him for some days if that would heal anything. Julie couldn't control her emotions and she decided to write an email to him and later commit suicide.

I am not supposed to love you,
I am not supposed to care,
I am not supposed to live my life
wishing you were there.....

I need to hide 'me' from myself,
So that you find someone for yourself,
In short you want me to be the invisible girl,
Who once filled your life with lot of love...

I am finding a place to rest in peace,
And to hide from everyone in this world,
I was not supposed to contact you again,
All i wanted to say is I love you so much !!!

Rajesh was in a deep shock after he read this.. He couldn't believe that she was so much involved with him. By the time he wanted to call her, his father came to his room and read Julie's email. He felt very bad due to Rajesh's behavior. He demanded an explanation. He said he was really sorry for what happened but he expected Julie to move on. His father asked him to go immediately and get Julie to his place.

Rajesh hurriedly went to Julie's place and found her unconsciously lying on the floor. She had taken sleeping medicines just 10mins before he arrived. He called the ambulance and hurriedly took her to the hospital. She was rescued by the surgeons somehow but this whole incident had opened his eyes. First thing after she woke up he apologized deeply and told her he would never do anything to hurt her again! Rajesh's parents came to the hospital and met Julie. They really liked her alot !

Prompt - "invisible" by sunday scribblings
Note:- This story is fictional


  1. a wonderful story..i m glad julie could be saved :) And i do agree that life has to move on and broken hearts do latest post talks abt d check it up if u get time.
    u narrated it really well...good work:)


  2. thanks ya.. sometimes eyes open just at the right time and we can still correct somethings !

  3. At last he stopped running from love and accepted her. Parents were never involved I'd say, and what more would they want if not their child's happiness?

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. I enjoyed this story. So many people feel invisible. Glad this story had a happy ending.


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