Time - 6th element

Eight out of ten people always complain "Oh, I didn't get time" or "I am short of time" and they run in the 11th hour to finish their task. This is so common among everyone. We feel even 24hrs are not enough in a day to finish all the tasks we want to. Ever wondered why does that happen to us! Why do we pray to god or wish secretly that we had the control over time and we could have stopped the clock or fast forwarded our life.

Lets see some funny situations. During school days as a kid I always used to play after coming home and then after having food I used to go to bed. Next day morning I used to remember about my homework and then I used to tell my mom "Mom, I didn't get enough time to complete my work. Could you pls do it for me?". These things repeated and after that my mom gave me a lecture for how to utilize my time to do both homework and other activities. Sadly, after that I was not allowed to use this excuse to not to do homework.

After getting admission in engineering college, first thing I was concerned about is time management. It is very much required in order to cope up with every day tasks and in the competitive environment. It is essentially the 6th element in our life after water, air, fire, earth & spirit.

These are some steps with which we can achieve time management skills:

Prioritize your work - When you have lot of assignments and tasks to do, then prioritize your work and allocate time accordingly. Start with something which is very difficult since you are fresh and you can dedicate more attention in that task.

Postpone unnecessary activities - Postpone unnecessary activities until you are done with your tasks. These activities might divert you from your work sometimes. This can be challenging as it might be one of your favorite pastime like watching TV serial. These activities will be more fun when we dont' have any tension in our mind due to exam, assignment etc.

Identify your resources - No one is perfect in this world and we might need help of a friend or a guide once in a while in problem solving. Just figure out the right resources and approach them in time.

Use your free time - Most of the time we are free and we don't do anything constructive in that free time. This is evil. We should plan ahead if something is going to come up and work on that instead of running at the last moment. This is applicable in academic side as well as in our personal life. Most of the time we kill our free time by sleeping unnecessarily or by watching movies. Use internet only when you need it. If you are just doing timepass than it can be evil. We can do some weird stuff like talking to strangers on the internet or surfing wrong websites. So, stay away from the stuff like this.

Developing time management skills is a journey and it requires lot of patience and commitment to work.

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  1. I am finding it interesting that the underlying theme found in the pocketwatch is how we utilize and waste our time. Nice suggestions to improving our time-management skills.


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