Keys to a successful relationship

I am not a professional or an experienced person on this. But after completing one year of my marriage I can surely share some of the tips to you all on balancing a relationship. Successful relationships tend to be like a see-saw they go up and down and it takes efforts from both of them to keep it balanced.

Here are some simple things to know to make your relationship work.

1. Spend quality time together else the relationship won't survive. It is often seen that in a marriage, couple tends to spend more time together initially. Later on, they get occupied with the housework, kids, managing finances etc. This might lead to a disaster. Carve out at least half an hour where you spend time exclusively together.

2. Learn to compromise. It is very obvious that when two individuals start staying together then there would be some differences. It could be on a small things or big things. One should learn to compromise on few things that are extremely important for the other. But here is a thing, no one should feel that he/she is the only person compromising.

3. Keeping dependency and in-dependency. This point is true specially for females. They either tend to be very dependent on their partners or very independent. Either way is not good. Try to show your partner how much you need him, but don't cling to him and make him feel that you don't have self confidence.

4. Understand that punishing your partner doesn't work. It might help you in feeling better or superior but it will make them dig their heels more and they will wait for an opportunity to pounce back on you. Best thing is to ignore things which you don't like.

5. Divide your domestic work. If you don't then it causes friction between the two partners. Make a list of the domestic tasks and mobilize your family.

6. Observe keenly. It takes a long time and efforts from both the side to keep the relationship smooth. If you see your partner tired or argumentative then think about what he or she might be undergoing.

7. Hidden sentiments and feelings poison a relationship. Express your problem to your partner and make sure he is attentive towards it. If you hide your feelings and expect him to behave in a particular way then it becomes difficult.

8. Learn to put your words in front of him. It is generally observed in Indian women that they don't speak up instantly in front of their partner. They take their words in their heart and which might create a bigger impact to the relationship.

Hope these are useful to you !

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  1. Hm..hope you stick on to these principles.well all of these are absolutely true.I compromised on following these principles over time..:)


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