Mystery of Haunted houses - Can science solve this ??

Today, I want to talk about the mystery behind the haunted houses in this world. For many hundreds of years, people are hearing stories about haunted houses( houses occupied by the dead), mystery spots or mystery islands ?? The famous example of mystery island is the Bermuda triangle. Planes and ships are believed to be vanished once they reached Bermuda Triangle. Coming to haunted houses.. are these really true? Are they actually occupied by the ghosts? they exist in reality? These are the questions that have baffled the scientists around the world. Even they don't seem to have a proper answer or explanation on this. There are innumerable books and stories written on haunted houses and ghosts. So, people tend to believe in such superstitions.

What is a ghost ? What is a haunted place ?

A ghost is believed to be the soul of the dead person that returns to this world. Since, ancient times we believe that the soul of the person departs from his body, once he is dead. The spirit goes either to the god or wanders somewhere in the nowhere island ! A ghost is believed to make its presence by appearing as a figure or a light of some kind. Hence, haunted house is the official place of the dead. Many stories of ghost sightings are either made up to make it appear scary or else they are just imaginary.

Is there anything that Science can do to solve this trivial question ??

There are thousands of people who claim to have ghostly experience in the haunted house or in the deserted places. We can take an example of the Winchester haunted house in San Jose, California that has become a tourist attraction these days !

Winchester house is a mansion that was under construction since 38years (from 1884- 1922) !! But now this house is haunted and is believed to be occupied by the ghosts of the individuals who died from Winchester's rifle. There is a myth that Sarah Winchester had to construct a house and never cease building it, otherwise the spirits that killed her husband and her family would come after her, too. So she started constructing this maze like mansion with full twisted stair cases so that the spirits would get lost but never find her. The house was built upto 7 stories but now it is only 4 storied building. The house has 47 fireplaces, 10,000 window panes, 2 basements and 3 elevators. Many people have reported to have seen ghosts and images moving inside the building at the night time.

Scaryyyyyyyyy...isn't it ???

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