3D TV - Is the world ready for this technological change ?

3D movies that swept our movie theaters are now stepping into our living rooms. In this era of blu ray movies and high definition digital movies, world should now be ready for the high definition 3-D movies. This technology is slowly going to roll out by the end of this year and by the next couple of years this is going to be a part of everyday's life. According to an estimation 3D TV will be in everybody's household by next 2 years. All the major TV companies are jumping in this league. With the combination of power packed blu-ray player that enables 3D technology, TV and the glasses the system will be delivering seamless full screen, 1080p picture in each eye !

Due to more number of 3D animated movies releasing each year, the popularity of 3D technology has become very much. There are several methods being used by the television manufacturers to create 3-D images on the TV. This technology picked up hype when the movie Avatar got released and 3D technology has become a top agenda among all the broadcast and TV industries. If you wanna survive in this competition, swim along with the waves !!

Blu-ray player should be capable enough to create 1080p images and it should be able to send the information about which image is meant for which eye to the TV that is capable of displaying 3D images. To recreate the images TV should refresh at the rate of 120 times per second with alternating frames for left and right eye. TVs include a converter chip and necessary software required to break down the signal for left and right eye. To get the true 3D content, you need to access 3D broadcast programming and a 3D blu ray player ! You are all set.

3D TV is definitely the future of TV entertainment but the revolution is however in its infant stages for now. But the wheels have been churned. So, people just wait and watch how this technology is going to conquer everyone's household !

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