The Android Attack !!

The Android and Apple war ! How can i not write about the most happening thing in the technology. Let me tell you i don't work in a cellphone company, so these are the views i am presenting based on market reviews, customer reviews and my own farsightedness. However i think now its time for us to switch to either of these two ...

The global smartphone market has become a cheesiest sci-fi war ! Every quarter a new phone is released and the companies have to make new strategies in their on going products. But Apple has enjoyed its days. Now, its the turn of Androids. They are definitely the future cellphone technology. According to a market survey global smartphone companies are increasing revenue of the market by a healthy 50 percent every year. Most of the mobile device vendors are now switching to Google's Android operating system. Because of this rapid Android success to the mobile vendors, its competitors are now facing problems. Once a popular phone Blackberry is now little obsolete in the market. Poor thing but just few years back it was considered to be the most professional smartphone ever. There is a competition between the cellphone carrier companies as well. Verizon has been marketing its latest Motorola Droid phone aggressively, forcing other companies to think about marketing android based phones or else they will loose their market shares.

HTC and Motorola are the two companies who are concentrating only on android based phones now. As a result, other companies like LG and Samsung are also planning to jump into the race. Google is coming up with new upgrades to Android that might give tough competition to its competitors. Just few minutes back i came to know that Google has launched - Voice actions and Chrome - Phone services.

Voice action is a step ahead to iPhone's voice control system by allowing users to dictate text messages, send emails, write notes, make calls, initiate music and search the web for information. While Chrome to phone, is the mobile application that allows users to send informations such as links, driving directions, bookmarks and other information directly from the browser to the phone. Are they planning to replace laptops with mobile phones ?? With such advancements in the cellphone technologies there will be a time when we will be using cellphone for day to day work !

Both of these technologies have their own pros and cons. Android has a backup from Google, so it has more tighter and well done integration from Google but Android apps totally SuCk ! while apple apps are so many in the market. However, in coming days i would assume Android apps will be more better and they might be free or cheaper than Apple apps which will be a plus for the customers.

But nevertheless, Android has not yet dethroned the top 3 cellphone companies - Apple, Research In Motion and Nokia who don't have any plans in the nearby future to use Google's operating system.

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