Are we too dependent on computers?

My weekday starts with a cup of coffee and an online newspaper on my laptop. Then i rush to my office and again sit in-front of my computer for the next 8-9hours. I come back to my home and again sit in-front of my laptop to check my personal emails or for blogging or for seeing videos. Even in my weekends i end up spending around 4-5hours in-front of my laptop unless i am out of my home. I am using laptop to such an extent these days that i have started developing Carpal Tunnel's syndrome !

This isn't just my story. This is the story of everyone these days who are addicted to the computer technology or the software professionals like me.

Don't we all realize how much we are depending on computers these days ???

We are so addicted to computers, laptops and palm tops these days that we literally use it everywhere in our life. Nowadays, even cellphones are converting to mini laptops so that we can use it wherever we cannot carry our laptop. We use it even if we just have to chat with our girlfriend ;-) Have you ever realized that sometimes we unnecessarily use this technology and have forgotten the taste of our nature and actual world. By playing Farmville every day we consider that we are great farmers, but what about the actual farmers who spend their whole day soaking in the sun and harvesting their crops !

Welcome to the modern age of computers, laptops and palmtops that have created virtual world around us and we are actually enjoying that part of the world the most.

If we see the brighter side, then Computers have proved to be a boon to the human life. We cannot imagine our life without computers. Our life has become very simpler and easier because of them. Computers are being used in almost all the areas of our life. They are used to manage large and useful data without having to store piles of paper. They are used in the flight control panel, to maintain the aircraft speed and other things. Some times unknowingly we make use of computers like if we go to grocery store and use credit card to make a payment then computer processes our information and completes the transaction. We can get the latest news on computer about the world. We can send and receive messages from any corner of this world. It has made our communication very easier. We can use computers to even make calls to our friends living in another part of the world. We can even shop by using internet and we can get our goods shipped.

The biggest change that computer has done to our society is that it can be seen everywhere now. Computers are seen in any workplace from banking office to a library. It is replaced by the piles of accounts and pages of data being maintained till now. Nowadays they are entering our schools so that our children don't have to use a notebook to do their assignments. Instead of that they will have the fancy netbooks that they will carry to the school. So, virtually laptops and internet has conquered many areas of mankind. In this way computers are becoming more powerful and functional and closer to our daily life. So, the sound of the keyboard typing and mouse clicking are a normal occurrence in every household.

Hence, the computer has affected various aspects of our life and has advanced our society to the future!

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  1. sure computers are a boon, and it is a very imp part of our lives...but u know there is a super computer named Artificial Intelligence..So i am of the opinion that computer contacts really become artificial...we are so dependent that instead of asking our friends for info we use :)


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