Year of airplane disasters

This year is notably the year of airplane disasters with 4 disasters already took place by now. The airplane industry is surely finding ways to secure the air travel for their passengers.

Firstly, the year started with tragic news of MH370 getting lost from its normal flight path. Search operations are still going on but no one has solved this mystery yet. Many people believe that they have seen a flight near Maldives which went past the islands and crashed in an ocean. So many theories are surrounded with this mysterious debacle. But with no evidence there is nothing to prove. The search for the black boxes is still going on.

With last couple of weeks, there are 3 major accidents. First only again a malaysian plane, that was shot down near Ukraine and Russian border with a missile. Black boxes have been sent to Netherlands to figure out what happened. Despite of international rules to avoid flying from that area, many airlines have been flying from the war zone and finally one succumbed to it. Then comes Air algerie and TransAsian flight in Taiwan. What's happening here. I have never heard of so many major crashes happening in a single year.

Flights going out of radar is pointing to the fact that there are loop holes in the system that needs to be administered. Inspite of having cutting edge tracking technology, we couldn't find MH370 because there are many parts of the globe where there is no radar. For example, if the flight flies on top of the ocean, they don't communicate with any air traffic control center. Hope we don't see any more of these !

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