PM: The underachiever

Today first time I have seen a direct allegation on a country's Prime Minister on such a trusted magazine. Yes, I was a bit surprised to see our very own Manmohan singh on Time magazine's cover page but with the caption "The UnderAchiever - Does India need a reboot?". Things like this will definitely create political drifts in our country and as a result of which the opposition party has asked PM to give resignation. While PM, refrained to come out and talk to the media. Mr. P Chidambaram commented this whole act as "distasteful". This article has also noted that economical growth of the country has receded and also asks a question to the whole nation whether "PM is upto his job?". The magazine has also pulled up congress led UPA government for wasting last three years of its rule.

While I don't totally refute from what the magazine cover says but as a media things like this shouldn't be done. Media is there to open everyone's eyes, but for making such direct allegations you need a strong backup. I haven't read the whole article yet, but I would say it should be a shocker to the entire UPA government and hopefully it will wake up our sleepy PM and finally he would take his stance. I wouldn't deny that PM is a good person as an individual, but why has he kept his mouth shut all these years. With a zillions of scams, price hikes, constant fall in rupee price in internation market why can't he reconstruct our goverment and economy?? It has also been alleged that PM doesn't have control on his own party people and also since when he took charge of Finance ministry where he was supposed to perform well, no significant development has happened.

Is this a warning bell for our country men to wake up and vote "Wisely" from next time?? Is this an alarm for the "UPA govt." that enough is enough?? My personal opinion is this has created a new wave of conflicts and politics among opposition leaders. Now, they are adamant that re election should happen much before the awaited 2014! The time has come for the PM to come out of his shell and do some economic reforms before the nation fells down.

As of today, I received an update from Time magazine with a reason why they called our PM an underachiever and here's what they said:

“Many people are upset because we called Indian PM Manmohan Singh an underachiever,” said Time magazine. “We intended no disrespect to Mr. Singh. We just meant that all his achievements were under someone else. Very often he could not see what he was doing because he was bent over too much. This may have affected his performance, but our observation related mainly to his position and posture.”

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