Review of the film 'Vicky Donor'

When I first heard about this movie, I thought Vicky donor.. must be related to some organ donation movies like eyes, blood or kidney. But to my surprise when I saw the trailer of the movie it turned out to be a 'Sperm donor' movie. After seeing this movie I am very excited to write a review about it.

The movie is directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by John Abraham. It is definitely a small movie with a big heart as said by many. The direction of the movie is plain and straight to the point. When we can donate blood, kidney or organs to save someone's life then why can't we donate sperm to give someone a life! In this modern lifestyle, infertility has become a very common problem and medical science is dealing everyday to beat this. The movie is fully entertaining and there was no effort made to feel the same. It has received lot of acclaims from the critics and the movie has choose a bold topic of sperm donation that is considered as taboo in our Indian society.

This is the movie about the life of a sperm donor. Vicky arora (Ayushmaan) is a carefree boy who is in search of a job. He lives with his mom and grandma and they have a beauty salon that helps them to earn their living. He accidently comes across Dr. Chaddha (Annu kapoor) who runs an infertility clinic and who is in search of a sperm donor from decent family background to fulfil his patients requests. Initially, vicky hesitates to take up this responsibility but Dr. Chaddha makes considerable approach to make him understand that it is a very legal thing and he is doing justice to so many childless couples seeking happiness. But when Vicky marries to Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), he learns that he himself cannot have a child of his own since his wife is dealing with infertility. Then the movie takes a drastic turn when Vicky's family knows the fact that he was a sperm donor. Movie is hilarious with awesome dialogues and witty humor by Annu kapoor and Ayushmaan. Although it was a debut film for Ayushmaan he truly proves to be a wonderful actor. It is known fact that he himself had donated sperm in 2004 when he was a contestant in 'MTV Roadies'.

This movie is an eye opener for many such individuals who are healthy and who can give happiness to the infertile couple by donating their sperm. It is a youth centric movie with comedy and romance all going together with a social cause. It shows an optimistic look for the health issue. Songs in the movie are nice - Paani da rang (both male and female version) and Rum whiskey. In the whole movie the word 'Sperm' has been used too many times and this shows that the makers of the movie wanted to broadly bring up this topic to the common public.

Overall a hugely entertaining movie and each minute is fun filled and exciting. I will definitely watch this movie again and give 4.5/5 rating.

P.S. - This post is my first attempt to write a review. Gearing up for Indian Bloggers League :-)


  1. The movie was really good and I liked how Indian Cinema is breaking the shackles and coming on its own !! Nice Work !!
    PS:Thumb Rule for writing a review - Never expose the story too much, Spoiler alert right !!
    Keep Blogging..

  2. thanks for your comment.. i tried my best not to reveal much although this is a month old movie and i m sure most of us wud have watched it.. that's why i added little more ;)

  3. Wow!
    Awesome review by you Rani! :)
    I have watched that movie and totally agree the rating you rated here ... Aayushman did very well! I love the song paani da..

    Great to know too participating in IBL! :)


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