Is India safe for women??

Yes, being an Indian and being born and brought up in India I am asking this question to all Indians. Since past couple of years, number of crime against women has been increasing so much all around India. But the past Guwahati incidence has shook us all. But if you ask the citizens of Assam, they say that it is very common site in Assam but since there was a video recording in this case the matter has become a national shame. After seeing lot of debates and news I am encouraged to write this post. I want to vent out my reaction for the same.

Assam has second highest record for crime against women, there were roughly 11,000+ cases in Assam regarding public molestation of women, rape and torture. What is the police doing in Assam? They claim that they needed more force for night patrolling than why were they sleeping until now?? They wanted some media to take this up on a high level and make them realize about their force. Lets see what happened there. A girl goes to a pub to enjoy for her friend's birthday, had couple of drinks, comes out of the pub and picks up a fight with a friend. The fight becomes little physical and they go out of the pub. The other friends ran from there and the local morons take advantage and pull this girl from her hair and torture her !! Who the hell are they? Are they law makers ?? Idiot bastards, cowards who want to take advantage of this teenager and satisfy their lust publicly. Please excuse me for the language but if I were police I would have definitely given a severe punishment to them. Apart from these morons other guys gang up there and start chasing her and tearing her clothes.. Have we lost our senses? It was a main road and people passing by had no mercy for her. Everyone says that it was a mob.. But mind it they were Aam Janata.. and not mafia dons who had guns and swords. What is wrong with us? How can we be a mute spectators for such a animal like behavior??

The reporter who decided to shoot all this, can't he shoot it for 10mins and then go and help her out instead of shooting it for 30mins and later asking the girl to reveal her identity? I agree that he has helped the police by filming the whole video but there has been lapses with the news channel's integrity and they shouldn't have revealed her identity openly. The guys seems to have been enjoying doing all this and there were educated and uneducated people who wanted to go and strip her off! Insanity and mad behavior.. These things are only due to lack of proper law and order in our country. They know that even they are caught they will get released the next day so why not enjoy this whole thing. If it wasn't media, this case would have got suppressed like several other cases. I really hope the girl gets justice and these offenders get a severe punishment. If given a chance, I would have made them to walk naked on the same streets and ask people to put cow dung on their faces and genitals. At least other guys will get a lesson that it is a crime. If we don't respect woman then we get the same treatment for our daughter's and sisters. I don't know what were they thinking before doing all this. Was this just because she visited a pub and she deserved this kind of treatment?? Come on guys wake up and stop this kind of nonsense. If they were 30 such people then can't we gang up and say NO to these bastards. I feel if we had a Hitler rule we could have hanged these guys till death or at least broke their hands using which they created such a crime! Indian government should impose very serious laws for molestation and rape incidents. Otherwise our country will never become a progressive country by seeing woman as a sex objects. Respect each other and the mindset regarding the pub culture is very wrong. Not all the people who go to pub are bad. Its just an individual opinion to go to pub or not.

P.S. I am sorry for the excessive raging words, I have never done this in any of my post. But this incident is unusual and I feel bad about it.


  1. more appalling is the fact that nobody bothered to help her.. there was another incident reported from Kanpur this morning and again the crowd was only a spectator...

  2. Declining social values and money mindedness is leading India downwards. Once a street smart Indian whom everyone was proud off because he broke laws and took shortcuts has become a street rapist.
    If we had given him a boot when he behaved street smart we wouldn't be seeing these days


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