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Do you ever go to sleep and hope tomorrow never comes, or if it comes then it gives respite to your ever wandering mind and take you out of this tranquility? I am here facing something like this in my life and trying to find unanswered questions from my diary. Why am I here? Who are these people around me who pretend to know me but don't answer my questions? Why do they always put me to deep sleep when they know I will again wake up and ask the same questions?

Whenever I wake up I feel regenerated and try to restart my life. But I have a big showstopper always : these blank pages of my diary. Who rubbed off the important segments of my life? I am in a hospital since few days but I am trying to find out who am I and how i got here. What happened on 18th and 19th? Why did I stop writing my diary afterwards?Who is Vinay? When I loved him so much why he is not here when I am in a hospital?

Manu entered these words on 31th Dec entry in her diary wondering what happened on 18th and 19th? She was admitted to Nancy hospital near Shimla. But nobody came to meet her or claimed that she is part of their family.

It was new year's day and I had visited this hospital as a part of my every new year's resolution. In case you are wondering who am I , I am Anil and I am a business tycoon of Shimla. I always come to meet the patients of my hospital since I constructed it when I got success in my business for the first time.

After meeting some patients I entered Manu's room and it was tranquil ! She was staring from a glass window trying to find some answers. There was sadness in her eyes and she was not perturbed by my presence. She was deeply thinking something. I read this entry in her diary and became restless. I wanted to find out the reason for these blank pages. What happened in her life on those days and why is she admitted here?

I went to ask her doctor who was a neuro surgeon. I came to know that Manu and Vinay got married just an year back. They were deeply in love with each other.

Doctor: When Manu got admitted here she was in coma and she had severe brain injuries. We had left the hope that she will be alive but by God's grace she combated her coma but unfortunately lost her memory. She was getting these mental attacks every time she tried to think hard what happened. Police recovered this diary which she used to keep with her every time.

Me: But what happened to Vinay? Why he is not here?

Doctor: He met with an accident when he was coming back and this news was conveyed to Manu who came running on the accident site. She cried very hard when she was Vinay's body which was disfigured due to the accident and immediately she attempted a suicide. She jumped from a cliff nearby and fell in the valley.

Me: Oh no! That's so unfortunate of them. When she fell there what happened?

Doctor: She didn't really die. She got hit on her head by the rocks in the valley and hence these brain injuries and now she lost her memory. The problem is she didn't update her diary on 18th December and whenever she stresses her mind to recall what happened she becomes suicidal and we have to give her injections to calm down.

Me: What's the hope Doctor?

Doctor: We are not telling her what happened and why she is here because we are afraid that she will be suicidal again and can't bear this shock.

Me: But we can't keep her in this condition forever doctor, we have to find a way.

Doctor: Well, since you are here now. Can you please think of something?

The doctor gave me a look that made me melt down and I was trying to think what can I do to make her life better. I came up with a solution after reading her diary completely.

Next week, I came with a 4yr old boy who was an orphan. I came to Manu's room and introduced the child as Vinay. I saw her lips which were trying to smile but tears welled up from her eyes.

"Come my child, come.." she spread her arms and the orphan got what he deserved - "A truly loving Mother".

I got a phone call after couple of weeks from the doctor.

Doctor: How did you do this Mr. Anil? I can't believe she is recovering so fast.

Me: Well doctor, I spent a day to read her diary and noticed that in her diary she had never mentioned Vinay as her husband. She addressed him as her baby and listed out the pranks he played on her. So, instead of getting a man to pretend as her husband I brought a 4yr old baby who can play the same pranks as listed in the diary. Also, doctor a mother is always a mother. She can be strong like a mountain for her child and yet be suicidal if she looses the love of her life. I am glad I could change the direction of her life!

Doctor: Mr. Anil, you have proved us that most complicated medical conditions can sometimes be cured by simple common sense and humanity!

When I visited her, she was getting discharged. She said thanks to me for finding her 'Vinay' and also told that she has got this urge to live for this baby. Also, when I saw her diary I saw the picture of her with 'Vinay' ! My new year resolution to bring smile on one face has happened again in this year!

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  1. The story has potential enough to be a daily soap :)
    anyway, good showcase of common sense :)


  2. Good story but the conversation style created sorts of barrier for me. But that is my liking and not the fault in the story.

  3. thanks Viva.. i m thrilled to know tht i can also contribute to soap opera :P

    thanks aativas.. i m writing after long breaks so pls bear with me.. but i m glad that u liked the story..

  4. Hi

    The story is very good and loved the ending...Touching!

  5. Mr. Anil is really sweet. The story is beautiful and I wish to share this on my facebook page.. Keep participating in BAT..

    Someone is Special

  6. A happy ending is always desirable. I liked the simplicity of the idea of doing something for someone and not just thinking or talking about it.

  7. Hi Rani :)
    Thank you so much for blessing me your support in blog-a-ton contest! :)
    Keep writing
    My Best wishes to you

  8. No prb Simran.. i really liked ur story..


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