Divorce... is it necessary??

I want to bring up this topic since I have been reading that divorce rates are going high these days and it wasn't like that in early 2000's. Young women in the age group 25-30yrs are readily thinking about taking divorce. Why is that? Is it because they think they are earning equivalent to their husband, they are highly educated and they can take care of themselves?? Divorce more than anything is mental torture and life long repentance. But do you think everyone is thinking in that way?

Domestic disputes are something which were common even in 19th century. But the society values were too tight in those days and because of that very few proportion of the population opted for that. There were no legal rules but divorce mainly happened if either of them are not capable of bearing child or else if the torture to the girl is to the extent of taking her life. But what's happening these days. Ego clashes, hot temperament etc are felicitating this act.

In this fast pace life, we don't have time for ourselves. Everyday for a woman starts with cooking in the kitchen, preparing lunch boxes for herself, husband and children, going to work, stressful work environment where women and men are treated equally. They are also expected to have same skills like men do and also expected to give the same amount of time for work. No credit is given for her culinary skills. After an exhausting day, she comes home and prepares dinner for the family. Apart from that she needs to take care of laundry, children's homework and keeping home presentable. Do you think the expectation has increased a lot on women? Indian society is definitely biased towards men, every mother makes sure that her son is treated like a prince before marriage and king after that. If you tell your husband to help you in your daily chores than you are not a perfect wife in the eyes of your in laws. I hate this ideology that is propagating even in this century. In other countries where men and women are equally treated, men are also devoting their time for the family. But in India, this culture won't come since our mother in laws will feel offended if they see their son working in the kitchen.

So, coming back to the topic, so if women are equally competing with men everywhere then what's wrong if she opts for a divorce ? I personally feel that in any divorce case, the girls and the guys family members play a vital role. If a girl is feeling uncomfortable with any of her husband's behavior then her family tries to convince her that she is getting dominated by him. Also, if husband tries to adjust with his wife and tries to help her in the daily chores or something else he will be tagged as a 'Henpecked' husband. These days women are definitely becoming independent and they are free to think that they cannot waste their life with someone who is not going to understand her needs for the rest of her life. But I feel bad for the children, who would have just taken birth in their family and poor kids have to undergo this trauma. I just feel that in such cases the couple should definitely rethink for taking divorce since it is going to affect an innocent life. When they grew up with mom and dad, then don't you think it is their child's right to lead life in the same way?? Why are you trying to deprive him/her with either parent's love??

With this post I just want to request everyone that please hold on to some basic morals what our parents and ancestors have taught us. Taking divorce is not a fashion! Please take this decision very carefully if it is inevitable.

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