Dreams gone wrong -- well not mine!

Sitting at my computer one night, I decided to login to yahoo messenger and join a chat room for the first time. I searched for a chat room of my interest and the moment I joined I got an instant message popped at my screen. At first I got a little weirded out, since I didn't know who she was. She started off with a simple "Hi, would you like to chat with me?". I went ahead and started chatting with her. She checked my profile online and said that my interests were quite unique and she liked that. We chatted couple of hours and discussed about our likes, dislikes and stuff like what we do do, from where do we come from and she somehow got my attention.

Slowly, my mornings started with her "Good morning" messages and nights ended with her good night kisses. Yes, we started an affair. But wait a minute, we never met each other but somehow I felt attracted towards her. The romance became intense between us and I asked her to send me her picture. I had never seen her but I could imagine how she would look like. She was my dream princess. I imagined her to be extremely beautiful, with long hair flowing in the air, she would have a sweet fragrance that would spill in the air and make the atmosphere magical. I was in my deep thoughts when I got disturbed by her sms and she replied that she won't be able to mail her picture. I felt disappointed but waited patiently for another day. When I opened my email I found picture of her hair locks. I was surprised and asked her the reason for which she said " I want you to see me gradually and not all at once." I liked her long hair and now I was convinced that she would look like a princess.

After a month's wait, we decided to meet each other face to face. Instead of being happy I was little nervous as it would have been our first formal meeting. I know everything about her but why was I feeling so nervous. she told me that she would be wearing a blue jeans and pink top.
I blinked twice when i reached the coffee shop. It has to be her.. She was the only one wearing pink top. But her hair was looking longer than I had seen in the picture. Well, I thought lets go and ask if she was Alisha. She said nodded while drinking coffee. Wow, she was so cute.. much much sweeter than I had imagined about her.

"Hey, I came early. How did you know I would be here?" she asked me.
"Well, I thought we were supposed to meet at 2pm. right?" I was checking her out.
Her face was little thinner, she had beautiful lips which were right now covered with coffee. We initially hesitated how to proceed talking to each other. "Can I know your real name?" she asked. "Well, its Adam Muller" I said. I don't like to put my real name in my email ids. She slowly told me about herself and what she does and somehow I was sensing that she was little different than how I knew her and how I dreamt about 'Us'. But her beautiful face and long hair would make me forget about that.

We met again, and again for the rest of the week. We both felt like we discovered a new person. It is little different chatting with a person online and meeting someone in person. Soon on Friday afternoon I opened my email once to check any messages. It had been like a week and I didn't check my messages. The last message was from Alisha and she mentioned that she wanted to meet me today at 'Li's bar'. Well, what to say she read my mind and I wanted to take her over there. I thought instead of calling her why don't I just go there and wait for her. It took around 30mins to call me. "Hey, where are you? You were supposed to take me somewhere" she said. "But I thought I already informed you. Or rather it was you who decided where we should meet." I was getting anxious now. "Okay. No more puzzles. Where are you?" she said. "I am at Li's bar. Just come over, I am waiting for you baby" I said.

Now, I was feeling disturbed. Mainly because she was not the person I thought about and secondly about this confusion. With this dilemma I went to the Men's room and while coming out I brushed past a woman who was hurriedly entering the bar. "Excuse me, she said and she dropped her purse." "Mam, you dropped your purse!" I screamed but she didn't listen to me. While my girl 'Alisha' arrived and we sat on the table. "So, Adam what is this all about?" she asked me. I wanted to answer her but I thought I should first take care of the wallet I had. I opened the small purse and found the driver's licence. Also, I saw the name 'Alisha simpson' inscribed on it. I was shocked! What the hell's happening to me. I wasn't even drunk.

Soon, the confusion was clear. I went to coffee shop on that day and met another girl who claimed to be Alisha whom I met on yahoo chat. But surprisingly she also met someone online called Bob and it was supposed to be their first date. But we never revealed each other what we used to chat/text message each other. I saw the real Alisha with whom I spent my time chatting and dreaming about. She was a simple girl with short hair and medium built. She wasn't much attractive as I had seen the other girl. It was my chance to either hide the fact from the real Alisha that I am Adam or be bold enough to go and face her.

I chose to do the latter. "Hi Alisha, so this confusion happened for the whole week. You are a very good person that I have known till then. But the girl I dreamt about all the time wasn't you. It was this other girl 'Alisha'. When I saw her I thought my dreams have come true and I have found the right girl. But now I feel everything went wrong!" I tried to express her everything while the second 'Alisha' had already left the place. "See, I understand Adam. I know this online dating is not a fair game. We dream about someone and start living in that dream believing that it is true. But there is a different world out there where even though we refuse to go , we have to deal with it. So, please without bothering about me go and get your girl. It's nice of you to stop by me and tell me the truth but I want you to go and get the girl of your dreams" she gasped. I could understand what she was feeling but I never wanted my dreams to go wrong. I ran out quickly and started to search for 'Alisha'. I screamed her name and searched for her. She came running to me and crying. 'I love you Adam' and she hugged me.

Since then we are together. So, I guess my dreams didn't really go wrong!

P.s. This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti


  1. what a delightful post! A really different approach to the topic...Best of luck!

  2. Some great confusion huh..online dating is really very risky though...nice post! :)

  3. In some ways reminded me of the Bollywood movie - Mujse Dosti kaoroge or something like that. (Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukerjje starrer). Decent flow and language.

  4. Thanks guys... just tried my luck to write about the topic...

  5. Lots of confusions but this is a good story..its good that the guy finally told her the truth..Nice story.


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