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At first when I saw the title I brag, I gave a smile to the editor for choosing this topic. In general many people hesitate to brag about themselves and I am just one amongst them. But since I am left with no choice I want to blow my own trumpet for 'My diaries.. My thoughts' which is an offshoot of my thoughts.

Now when I go back pondering about my childhood days, I realize that a dormant writer was inside me. I had the habit of reading comics like 'chacha chowdhary', 'Nagraj' etc, so one day I thought well what the heck.. why don't I write my own stories. This is how it begun and I admit my first book was just 5 pages long and it was a cartoon book which was handwritten and hand drawn by me when I was 10yrs. But however I was too shy to show it to my parents or any of my friends. I preserved that book under my bed as if it were a treasure. After that there was no looking back, I wrote another same book but now I made sure to write at least 15-20pages. After I grew up more I started reading news paper and collecting nice stories they used to publish in sunday times. At that time 'Times of India' was publishing a series of articles every sunday about one country. They published about china, Japan, Australia, Norway etc and I collected each of their piece and made a journal. I however, decided to write in my own words and write about stuff that I understood. I still have that diary and whenever I turn its pages it reminds me of how creative I was in my own ways! I think I wrote about 8 countries and then I stopped.

I don't have the habit of writing or maintaining a daily diary but somehow I thought about writing something online or make a Microsoft office document. I came to know about blogspot by 2007 and then I created this blog of mine. However, I didn't do much justice to it until 2010 when I started writing constantly and nourishing my writing skills. So, these are all the memories that inspired me to be an enthusiast blogger. In the beginning I was not focused about what I should write but with the network of my blogging friends I realized that blogging is an extra ordinary tool if used in a better way.

These are my two blogs: My diary.. My thoughts
My diary of world cities

I recently started the second blog as a memoir to my journal where I collected information about various countries. Enough writing about the blog. Now, I think I should talk about who I am.

So, hello everyone. I am Varsha Purohit. I am a software engineer by profession but totally into creative writing and painting. I like reading books, reading blogs, painting, cooking etc. I am an ardent painter and have painted at least 100 paintings on paper and around 10 on canvas. I like the Art field and it is growing as a passion inside me. I secretly want to be a creative writer or an editor :) I don't know what's there in store for me but for now I am a regular blogger. My favorite authors are Chetan Bhagat, Sidney Sheldon, and Agatha Christie. Few of the books that I like are '2 states', 'The best laid plans', 'Chicken soup for the soul series' etc.

Apart from this I love travelling, adventure sports and photography. I dont' have a photography blog yet but planning to create one pretty soon. Here is a glimpse of one of my picture taken at Grand canyon, Arizona.

I constantly post my regular articles on the blog-o-sphere and got some nice friends who follow my blog and comment when & where required. I also read their blogs which inspires me always. Most of my articles on the blog is related to recent news or fictional story. I also frequently write about my opinions about particular things that I see in the society where we live. Even though I am outside India I feel connected with my own people on Blogjunta and other sites through their posts and opinion. As far as Blogjunta is concerned I make sure to login everyday here and see what's happening with the group discussions or just read the recent entries by the fellow bloggers.

I believe in one thing 'A pen is mightier than the sword' so I would like to request all my blogging friends to blog for a social cause every now and then along with blogging for contests or daily posts. I hope I bragged enough about me and my blog so I am ending my first post. Thanks for sparing sometime from your day to know about me :)

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