A fresh comparison between iPhone 4s and Atrix 2

Gone are the days when people used to buy iPhone just because they want a touch screen or Talking Tom Cat application. There are touch screen phones everywhere in the market.

iPhone 4S has grown over Talking Tom and they have come up with Siri app that does more than just talking. iPhone 4S has released in USA on 14th Oct, 2011 and till date it has sold around 4 million phones. There are 3 carriers for iPhone At&t, Verizon and Sprint. They are selling both white and black iPhone simultaneously in the market, so that the customer doesn't have to wait for the white phones. Let's see the main eye catching features for the iPhone 4s that has lured the customers.
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  • The dual core A5 chip that can now handle fast web browsing, graphic intensive apps, and extended battery life along with multitasking.
  • iOS 5 operating system that has efficient power management for outstanding battery life, reminders and notification center etc.
  • Siri voice activation - This is the eye catching feature for most of the customers as Siri is like the personal assistant that guides you for whatever questions you have. It understands speech and responds accordingly. It is integrated with location services and built in apps. It can make calls, send texts, set alarm/reminder and much more. Siri understands most of the english accents spoken world wide. However, local accent(place where you live currently) is the one that works just fine.
  • 8.0MP camera - This is a bumped up camera version compared to iphone 4. It has advanced optics, advanced hybrid filter, increased sensitivity and face detection etc.
  • 16GB/32GB internal memory - iphone 4s comes with these extended memory options compared to the older ones that came with basic 8GB storage. In addition to this you can subscribe for the iCloud storage to store music, photos and documents.
  • It gives upto 14 hours of talk time with 200hours of standby time. This is a huge improvement for a smart phone.
  • Dual antennas - It has dual antennas for both GSM and CDMA support and this makes it a world phone.

After seeing these features one would definitely tempt to go and buy iPhone 4s however there is more. Lets see the features of Motorola Atrix 2 that also came into the US market on 16th october, 2011.

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After the huge success and appreciations of Motorola Atrix 4g; Atrix 2 is now released in the market. The unique features of this phone are:
  • 4G speed - This is the smartphone that has 4G internet speed. It offers quick and easy connection speeds.
  • Android 2.3 Ginger bread OS.
  • 4.3" color high definition touch screen and easy navigation of phone features. Yet the phone is light weight.
  • 8.0MP digital camera with autofocus for taking still images. It shoots 1080p video at 30fps with stabilization for clear video. It has VGA front camera.
  • The downside compared to Apple is the talk time which is 3hours and 10days standby time.
  • Doesn't feature memory, need to have a microSD card for storage.
So, for whatever reason Apple iPhone 4s is clearly the winner among the general public.


  1. Atrix has 16gd memory and Atrix2 has 8gb memory and you can add a 32gb card. Also has docks for car, tv, and laptop. Atrix came with voice search and command, plus vlingo, so not lacking voice control plus motorola has a text to talk bluetooth available. Lastly the Atrix or Atrix 2 is much cheaper.....

  2. I was about to get this iphone4s but have to hold off, bec i'm not sure if Siri could understand my Asian accent:)


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