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Oct 4, 2011 On a nice Tuesday morning, I find myself online on BlogJunta. I was totally surprised. I thought of two possibilities, either I never noticed the chat feature (by cometchat) or its something new. Well lets reserve this question to the editor and the background team of BlogJunta. But it really drew my attention. Next thing I see is 'Mr. Editor' is online. Wow I thought in my mind. I never had a casual chat with the editor before. So, I started pinging him and we spoke casually for few mins.

At first, I thought that this feature shows people who are added in your list. That's how traditionally all the chat features are. But unlike that, I found many new people online on this chat and that's how I made couple of cool buddies who have amazing blog pages. I started discovering the chat features and found that it is unique and quite amazing.

The smiley options are common for all the chat utilities. But here I found other gadgets which I explored while chatting with online friends.

1. Play a game : This amazing add-on helps you to play a game with your friend online. It is somewhat similar to our yahoo chat but 'Dudeee' we are talking about BJ's chat app that is embedded in the webpage like Facebook's or Gmail's chat. I browsed through the list and found interesting games like Tic-tac-toe, Darts, Minesweeper and the famous Sudoku etc.
2. Show/Hide time: This is an important feature from my point of view. Since many chat windows by default show the time which is not needed always. I personally feel this is not necessary. So, BJ has taken a wise decision to include this tool.

3. Clear conversation: You can clear the conversation once you are done. No explanations needed.

4. Hand writing a message: It is kewl ain't it?? I tried this gadget and its pretty amazing. It is like a white board having options of selecting color, eraser and setting the width. What more do we need??
5. Other two are sending a file and view chat history. These two are again self explanatory.

I don't know why but I felt like writing it down and showcasing it on behalf of blogjunta. I didn't find any article on the website describing the chat feature. So, I wrote my own version here :)

Hope BJ users like the chat feature as much as I did.

P.S. Images are taken as a snapshot by me while trying this app.


  1. Thank you for such a nice article... we want to make things as self explanatory as possible.. and hence no article on chat feature.. but soon thinking to get the help section online...

  2. Hey....
    Nice Article... Had not noticed so many aspects of the chatbar in BlogJunta...


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