Mystic Nature

This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti.

In this post I would like to describe compilation of few of my interpretations related to vivid nature. One of which is my recurring dream and the other ones are my imaginations. But writing a post on nature itself is an honor to me.

Higher and higher, the altitudes of snow clad mountains giving way to silent, silken mist. Protruding from the mountain, a sheer cliff in the very shadow of the summit. Slowly and gently the tendrils drape themselves over the edge, blanketing the world below. Overlooking all this my gaze goes into the unknown. My view is obstructed by the mist that is rising gently in the morning calm, a drowsy white blanket of cloud stretching out over the very horizon.

I turn and try to look up. There are rocks and rocks, up the mountainside to the summit. The glacier folds and retreats towards the sun, establishing the northern face in a grasp of ice. Above the layer of the mist, the land seems to be stretching out, wild and unguarded. The world below the mist is unknown. What lies beneath the mountain, what lies beneath the mist is mysterious nature. The mist is gradually rising and I can see that the two worlds are about to meet each other. If this is what Alaska looks like than imagine the coastal areas in our world.

Whenever I close my eyes and imagine that I am near an ocean, I can see this image clearly running in my mind. The sun glistens down its light on the water, silver and lustrous. The waves gently crashing against the rocks below the cliff. I can hear a soothing sound that is comparable to the tranquility of the silence of the night. Even the wind seems to be whistling slowly, creating same quiet sound. This is something which many people in today's world need.

Even when the night arrived with the moon and stars, the tranquility prevailed. The moon sat bright and magnificent. The quiet rush of the waves still whispered, the wind still whistled to soft melody created by the twinkling rhythm of the stars. The scenery didn't change, it is still as beautiful as it would be once the sun began to peek above the horizon.

Imagine under the deepest and darkest part of the forest, under the ever growing canopy of palm tree leaves and cluttered vines, I am exploring the joy of hiking. I am struggling through the potholes and venomous plants, moving slow yet so fast. I am enjoying the sweat beads that are popping on my forehead. I am going deeper and deeper in the forest, passing by the enormous trees and swinging vines. Then I see the rays of the sunshine filtering through the leaves, creating vibrant and shimmering light above me. After involving deeply in nature's beauty I hear the chirping of birds, screech of the mountain lion, a raging river, and rhythmic pounding of tribal drums. It has become rare to see or experience this kind of dense and thick forest. We need to travel too far to experience this natural pleasure. We need to conserve trees and animal habitats.

This is the what 'Nature' is to me, very very tranquil. These are kind of the places which come in my mind when I feel and imagine about the mysterious nature.


  1. Varsha, a unique take on 'Nature'.. I just love it... and I agree with your last para.. Loved it..

    Someone is Special

  2. Nature's beauty is a delight to the senses & you have quite nicely captured it in your words.Loved the pictures accompanying the post.

  3. Thanks Sis and Rinaya.. i didn't really knew how to compose a story on nature so i just wrote my imagination !

  4. liked it :)...very much agree with Rinaya "Loved the pictures accompanying the post" ..all d bst :)


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