Coolest evolving jobs these days

Here are some of the coolest jobs that are evolving these days.

Animation artist or Animator
This is one of the hot jobs these days after the success of few block buster movies like Avataar. Creating your own cartoon and projecting it in the media is pretty artistic as it sounds! There are many degrees in the educational field for being a successful animator. However, I would say creativity is the one that is required for getting instant fame. Creative thinking, drawing skills, story telling ability, required technical skills are some skills that are required for being an Animator.

Wedding planner
This is another hot job being considered these days after the success of few films like Alisha, Band baaja baarat etc. There were however few glimpses of this career in the earlier films. But these films are making youngsters to consider this career seriously. In today's fast pace world people are hiring professionals to plan and organize their happiest day of life "Wedding day". Successful wedding planners are creatively inclined, love to coordinate events and have strong inter personal skills. You don't need a formal degree for being a wedding planner. All you need is being conversant with the traditions and customs of a particular community or sect. All you need is creativity again to plan and organize a wedding occasion.

Personal trainer & nutritionist
In this busy world people are slowly getting aware of their health and fitness. There are numerous gyms and health clubs that have their own programs that are designed and customized to individual needs. If you have knowledge of yoga and other fitness equipments knowledge it is fine as a beginner. You should be good in motivating others. However celebrity personal trainers or yoga advisors are known to earn lot of money in this career.

After the sensational 'Size-0' theory of Rujuta and Kareena people are considering to get dietary advises from professionals. You definitely need a degree to practice as a professional nutritionist. But once you establish and market yourself well then world is yours ! Whatever you say people are going to follow you.

Radio Jockey
After the FM boom in India, it has opened new avenues and opportunities for young people aspiring to be a radio jockey. You should have a energetic and positive attitude, passion for music and strong communication skills to be an RJ. A Radio Jockey must be warm, dynamic personality with general awareness on current affairs and local tastes. A good sense of humour and a great sense of time will be an additional key. There is a degree course in Mudra Institute of communications at Ahmedabad that offers internship with leading FM radio channels as a part of their curriculum. A good RJ earns around Rs 60,000 / month.

These are few of the professions I have thought about. Leave a message if you know about other such cool careers and I will update about it in my post.

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