The mystery of UFOs

UFO's are world's one of the unsolvable mysteries... There have been many discussions on this but i want to put my words in this blog.

UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Objects. It can be visualized as an alien spaceship or a flying saucer is another common citation. When you google "ufo images" then you will find there are many people who claim to have seen the UFOs and they have their story about the incident. But is that really true ? Or its just our imagination ? UFO mystery has puzzled people across the world.

Have we really been visited by aliens from other planets ? If so, why don't we have enough evidences of that ? Are they scared to come in front of the earth's inhabitants ??

Human nature is also responsible for believing in aliens. We humans are sometimes so gullible and we just believe in the stories told by other humans. Its just like believing in supernatural beings, the inability to distinguish science fiction from science has given more importance to UFOs. There is an indian movie based on UFOs and Aliens. By seeing all these things its just like adding oil to the already lit fire.

But if we analyse scientifically, then also i would say if we found that life is possible on Earth. Then why can't life be found somewhere else in the universe. We have millions of constellations and solar systems spread across the universe. Isn't it possible that atleast 2% of those solar systems might have one planet that is capable of sustaining plants or other form of lives.

We visualize aliens as someone who is not a human, either they have a gender or they are just like Robots. They might have some supernatural powers, such as destroying the man kind, flying in the air just with their hands or we can think that they have a hidden wings which they use at the time of flying. Human imagination can go to any extent. I can imagine an alien to be like an animal who has extra powers to think, analyze and work but who doesn't have human emotions and feelings. Hence, it is actually an expression which defines our hunger for mystery...

It only seems reasonable to me to believe that by conventional means we can't justify that UFOs actually exist. We need some more solid proof of evidence, like a spaceship, Alien's clothes, or Aliens themselves.

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