Happy Indian independence... 15th August

Sare jahan se accha, hindustan hamara !! These were the lines quoted by Muhammad Iqbal in the year 1904 when India was still ruled by the British. I feel very patriotic when it comes to India or Indians. Even though i am away from India since 5yrs i feel i am very much connected to India and i belong to her. But i don't want to go into the emotional aspect of this post. I want to talk about the achievements of my country since ancient times.
India is a country of vast culture and traditions. Also, it is one of the fastest developing nations in Asia and the world. IT industry is blossoming since past few years in India, increasing the revenue and providing world class IT services across the globe. India's diverse economy encompasses wide range of sectors like Agriculture, handicrafts, IT industries etc.

Colors in the Indian flag are saffron, white and green. Saffron represents courage, sacrifice and spirit of renunciation. White represents purity and truth. While Green represents faith. The blue wheel in the middle represents the wheel of life in movement.

Lets focus on the achievements that India has which is remarkable.
  • India invented the number system. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.
  • Sanskrit is the most oldest language and most of the European languages are somehow connected with it.
  • World's first university was established in Takshila in 700 B.C. More than 10,000 students from all over the world studied in that university. The University of Nalanda est in 4th century is also one of the greatest achievements of ancient india towards education.
  • Ayurveda, one of the ancient form of medicine was invented in India.
  • India was one of the richest countries in this world until it was attacked by Mohd Ghazni and also till 17th century until it was invaded by the British. Even Columbus wanted to discover India instead of America.
  • Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India. The value of pi was also invented by India. The place value system and the decimal system was invented by india in 100 B.C.
  • Chess was invented in India.
  • India is the largest democratic country in the world. Also, it is the country with the most ancient civilization.
  • Yoga and the spiritual science were found in India by the Indian saints who used to take penance in a forest for hundreds of years !
There is so much more to say about this country.


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