Latest trend in bollywood songs!

Recently I happened to attend a musical concert of Kumar Sanu and Alka yagnik. What a spectacular duo and they have given so many hit songs in their career. Most of the audience still remember the lyrics. The exemplary lyrics of 80's and 90's era are difficult to be forgotten. That was the golden era for music industry in India. The songs were recorded on the casettes and people would buy them and play on their tape recorders.. it used to be so comforting to listen to the music and sing along or dance along the beats. We could infact make out which instruments were used in those songs. Now, with the digitization of music we don't hear many instruments in a song. They are all digital music with sound effects. 

In 90's we had songs for all occassions:

song for first crush -- pehla nasha
song to propse someone -- maine pyaar tujhi se kiya hai
song to woo someone --- chura ke dil mera
song to sing in a marriage -- dulhe ka chehra/first time dekha tumhe
break up song --- ab tere bin jee lenge hum
sad song -- rone na dijiyega/tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka
patriotic songs -- Desh mere desh mere.. 

so on and so forth...

and now time to scrutinize latest song lyrics...

1. Din hai sunny ...
2. gulaabo zara itar gira do..
3. chitiya kalaiyan ve
4. main toh superman salman ka fan...
5. Rang de tu mohe gerua

and the list goes on....

Surprisingly, these songs have been a top listed songs for a while. So, I can't help but wonder have we evolved past lyrics phase in movie industry.. don't we care about lyrics now and we simply want to hear sound/beats and rap kind of songs that we can't even remember the lyrics. Nowadays, no one seems to buy songs from the movies..songs are instead sold to the directors to include in a movie. Most of the singers don't have the charm or have any prior knowledge of music. Their voices are corrected with the help of sound systems. Anyone can become a singer in this era.. only thing you need is a nice retro mix of the music on which people can dance and a hope that the music appears catchy to the audience.

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