My fight with Pimples

Ever heard of any girl fine with having pimples on face? Argghhh.. No way ! So, the story is same for me. As a teenager, when I first spotted a pimple on my face and I was quite amazed. I tried to touch it and press it so that it merges with the skin surface, but sadly no luck. It hurt a little though but wasn't so bad. After the initial meeting with the pimple, thoughts run around your mind to get rid of those. But its not so easy in teenage specially when you have the rush of new hormones. After you get older having pimples is no fun.

First step is to run by the nearby beauty supply store and buy a product to get rid of them. But the problem is which one to pick? Lucky people get help from any suitable brand but unfortunately that doesn't work with all skin types. So, now go back to the old advice that drink more water, don't eat anything spicy and wash your face often to get rid of any excess oil. But after couple of days I don't see any improvement and in fact there is an increase in number.

Stage 2 - Raging war.

Generally when we enter stage 2, we become so desperate to go for high end acne solutions which is filled with lot of chemicals that usually make our skin more dry or we loose luster. Sometimes even if these work on our skin, they leave behind a scar or spot that reminds us of these pimples. The main reason for this is that these chemicals rip off the natural oils, which could initially improve the acne. But later our skin reacts to this and it could cause dry skin or make acne more worse. Because of which sometimes we get aggressive and try to explode the pimple which might still give us those scars. This happens because for people on whom these solutions don't work become fragile about this. For me, it was utterly important to get rid of them now as I had to meet someone for my marriage alliance. I never wanted to present myself with either acne or scars. I thought I have few days left to treat this. So, I went for the natural remedy that was present in Garnier Pure active neem.

Acne is not an incurable disease but taking right care could help to control their growth and frequent appearance on our skin. Garnier pure active has neem and tea tree oil extracts which are known in Ayurveda for controlling acne. Neem is a powerful anti bacterial herb that helps to fight the stubborn acne. Apart from controlling acne neem is good for normal skin nourishment too. Tea tree oil is another great component in this facewash that helps to fight acne. It has unique disinfecting and soothing properties which won't strip off natural oils from our skin causing further damage. With the combination of both of these ingredients we have a powerful way to combat with the acne.

Cleansing the acne prone area is usually the most overlooked crucial step for controlling acne. With this gentle face wash apply strokes on your face and try to gently scrub the area where acne is present. If we don't cleanse our skin properly then most of the acne product would make it worse if left it on the skin.

I am glad to have made a choice of having a neem and tea tree based face wash for treating pimples. I included Garnier pure active neem in my daily skin care routine and it surely gives a good result. After washing my face, I apply neem oil to condition my acne area and that benefits my skin care routine too. Aptly mentioned in the garnier website: NO PIMPLES NO MARKS !

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