Akash - By just listening this name Priya used to get some kind of strange vibes. Akash was her coworker. Priya was sort of attracted towards him for no reason. Akash had just joined the company and she was his mentor. Akash was very enthusiastic person. He always came to her with intriguing questions for which she felt little uncomfortable. They worked in the design verification team for a chip manufacturing company. Being a fresh graduate Akash had lot of fresh ideas and knowledge which he wanted to implement.

Priya noticed Akash for the first time in the team meeting where her manager had introduced him to the team. He was just a year younger to her but smarter than people in her team. Having a degree from IIT made him to out stand from other people at work. Priya couldn't draw her attention back from Akash at that moment. She noticed his hair, his forehead, his way of dressing. Every thing matched with Vinay, she thought. Slowly she started comparing Akash to Vinay in her mind which she couldn't even control. In some important meetings, she couldn't help herself notice how Akash looked as opposed to what he was suggesting. This was making her feel bad, but for some reason the moment she used to see him, she just got carried away!

Vinay, was the love of her life. She remembered how she loved him so much and what efforts she had put to convince her family to marry him. He was a smart, brilliant guy who wanted to grow ahead in his career. His career and principles were very important to him. But at the same time he loved Priya a lot. They made a small dream house in the city of Bangalore. They enjoyed the first year of marital bliss and now they were looking forward for many more. But Vinay got an opportunity to go to Switzerland to expand his team and he had become a team lead in no time. He didn't had much time for Priya and probably the loneliness had made Priya to get attracted towards Akash. Soon the mentoring period got over and Akash visited Priya's cubicle for fewer times. Priya was longing to see him and used to call him to her desk for silly questions.

One day Priya told to her friend, "I think I have a thing going for Akash!". "What??" Radha, Mitali told her in unison. "Well, I am figuring out why I feel like to see him everyday."
"What do you think about usually after seeing Akash?" asked Radha. "Hmm. Let me think. I think I usually think about Vinay and go online to check his facebook updates." she said. "So, that's clear Priya." "What, is this an infatuation you mean??" she asked. "No silly gal. How can it be? You are married to Vinay for god sake. I feel you are just meeting Akash because somehow he reminds you of Vinay." Mitali made an insight. It made Priya to really think about it. But she refused to believe that it wasn't an infatuation. That weekend when she spoke to Vinay she talked about Akash for half of their time. This made Vinay feel a little insecure but he knew what pains Priya took for their marriage. So, that made him to calm down.

But Priya on the other hand was confused. Whether its infatuation? whether its attraction? Or just because Vinay is not around she is trying to find 'her Vinay' in Akash which was silly.

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