Haiku challenge Day # 29

The journey of life
emotional roller coaster
fun filled ride


  1. Emotional roller coaster!! I'll second that!

    Well challenged!!

  2. "emotional roller coaster" for sure . I have enjoyed sharing this small part of the ride with you. Thank you so much for sharing your voice.

  3. Fun-filled? Sometimes. But also tinged with some weariness and sorrow. It's all a roller coaster! Glad you could come along for the ride. Keep writing!

    Journey with My Muse

  4. This is really a wonderful haiku RaNiiiiii. I loved reading it and I am glad that you were part of the Haiku Challenge. Great to have met you. Keep on going with your writings.


  5. Beautifully and simply expressed, Varsha! All the best - and so happy we met!

  6. Indeed fun.. SmileS.. Thanks for being part of the challenge..

  7. Emotional roller coaster indeed ~~ It has been a joy to visit you and your creative contributions this past month. In many ways it is difficult to believe the challenge is over, and in other ways, I am glad. :D It has been a pleasure. Thank you ~~ Here is my last day ... Day 29.

  8. I like the fun filled ride.

    Glad to have met you and share your journey ~

    Cheers ~


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