The butterfly catchers

Childhood memories are always so much refreshing. Sometimes I sit and ponder how beautiful my childhood days were. No tension and absolute fun. I am going to share one of my fun childhood experience cum hobby in this post.

I lived in the city of Hyderabad with all my relatives and fun neighbors around. We had a mini garden in front of our home which had lemon tree, curry leaves tree, mango tree and many assorted flower trees like Marigold, Jasmine, Rose etc. I was very fond of flowers including my friend Shalu. We used to walk in the garden and water the trees more than they required! This made my grandmother to always keep an eye on us. I think I was in 3rd standard at that time when I first time noticed so many lovely butterflies hovering on the flowers. I got excited and called up my friend Shalu.

We got mesmerized with the beautiful wings of butterfly and we tried to catch butterflies but they used to fly away. Later slowly we learnt the technique to hold a butterfly by using its two wings gently. We carefully observed their colors. That was a wonderful experience. We used to think how God has created these creatures beautifully and gave them the best colors of this world. It became our hobby to catch butterflies and show it to everyone in our family their colour and texture.

I remember how my grandmother was the only one who took interest in our hobby but advice us to be very gentle in holding them. Since the little creatures were so soft and delicate that we could have killed the nature's beauty by not holding them correctly. Inspite of being extra careful, once I tried to catch hold of a butterfly and accidently damaged one of its wings slightly. I started crying so much as if I got hurt and I showed it to my grandmother. She asked me not to panic and leave the little creature on the flower. I left it there but to my horror, a grasshopper or some kind of flying insect gobbled the butterfly in one shot and there went my little princess to abode!

This was one of the horrifying experience for me at that age and I vowed not to hurt any butterfly by silly habit of mine. Instead, I learnt one another technique from my sister. I learnt how to make colourful butterflies using Origami technique. Believe me I enjoyed doing that so much. Me and my friend Shalu, decorated our rooms with full of colorful butterflies and plants all over. There was a mini garden in our room now :).

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  1. really a nice post...we should not hurt any creature on this earth...and anyway the butterfly you made is really beautiful.....thanks for sharing.


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