Will I loose weight just by consuming more water??

We all know that the weight loss journey is not so simple and many theories are presented by people who have lost their weight by following some specific protocol. Most common notion of people who are in this journey is 'Consuming more water'. I wanted to highlight some points in this area.

Tip 1# consuming right amount of water
Drinking more water to reduce weight is the easiest thing in the world. It doesn't need any willpower or driving force and also doesn't involve cutting back on calories. Then why aren't people in this world are loosing weight by this simple shortcut??

Consuming water is definitely good but how does it effect the weight loss phenomenon? When I googled today to know how much water is needed by any individual aspiring to loose weight, I found a website that finds out by knowing some little details about you such as - weight, how much exercise you do daily, climatic conditions etc. So, yes before jumping into any conclusion try to find out how much water is needed for you to consume. Some people just blindly go on drinking 4-5 lit of water everyday. But it is not really needed !

Just to give an idea : A person who weighs 155pounds, who works out everyday for 45mins and who lives in a weather which is either too hot or too cold needs to drink around 2.9 lit of water. Again with a condition that if he eats enough fruits that yield some percentage of water than only 2.4 lit of water is needed.

Studies suggest that people who drink more water tend to consume less calories. But drinking much water doesn't really account for the weight loss, but it might affect metabolism.

Tip 2. Drinking water before consuming meals helps to reduce the volume of food that you eat during that meal. That means you will tend to eat less! Try having a small bowl of soup or small portion of salad as well. It will cut down your appetite further more.

Main thing to remember here is drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Studies show that dehydration is also one of the cause for weight gain. We eat less vegetables, fruits and eat more processed food than we should. Also, drinking more caffeinated beverages instead of water is also a bad idea. These beverages are diuretic i.e. they tend to force more water out of our body. Once a person is dehydrated their body compensates by retaining more water as a preventive measure. This accounts for the water weight in our body. Also, a dehydrated body's metabolism is significantly lower than a normal hydrated body. Many people get confused by their body signals. They have lost the sense of thirst and mistake it for hunger and tend to eat food. Drinking a glass of water will reduce false hunger pangs.

So, the conclusion is that we should definitely drink appropriate amount of water daily but we shouldn't follow that protocol blindly.


  1. That's a nice tip mate ..Another thing is there Take up a trip for 15 days i m sure ..you ll loose weight if you go for trekking or adventure activities

  2. very informative Raniii :) thx for sharing


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