New Year and the excitement

Happy new year to everyone reading this post. Hope you all had a fun filled 31st Dec, 2011 evening. When we start our new year day, we usually like to do something that we always intended to do and something good and auspicious. Some people I know start making a list of new year resolutions and try to follow them, some of them already start implementing their resolution by going for a morning walk or joining a gym. For my case, I always start this day by looking at the horoscope, scary right?? Well, I don't think I believe in it totally but to some extent yes!! For my horror I saw that this year one of the 'Navgraha planet' is going to show adverse effect on me :( Poor me. I read two three websites to see if there is any good luck as well. But couple of vedic astrology websites mentioned about this and this started getting on my nerves.

So far I have seen major imbalances in my life last year and tried to somehow cope up with it. So, I started researching the remedies for the same. To my shock I found couple of sites suggesting to start reading 'Navagraha stotras' which are in sanskrit and they are so many to learn! I want to wish me luck this year with this new learning and surprises.

Also, I intend to write the most awaited short novel of mine. Atleast, now I think I should write it and publish it here on my blog.

Anyways this is how my first day of new year started. Wishing everyone a funfilled new year!

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