The forgotten hero - subhash chandra bose

Last weekend, I was feeling patriotic for some reason. Even 26th January had passed already. When I searched for movies on youtube I found this movie based on the hidden hero of our nation. This story revolves around the actual incidents that made him revolutionary.

He was the head of congress party when M.K. Gandhi doesn't agree with his principles which involved violence where as Gandhiji believed in non-violence. Then Bose understood that if he is in India then he won't be able to achieve his goals. He starts his journey by going to Kabul and from there he tries to contact Russians, Germans and Italians. Finally, he gets his Italian passport and he goes to Europe where he forms 'Azad hind fauj' with his efforts. It is an untold story of a man who always stood behind getting India's independence. He was mysteriously killed in an airplane crash. I felt happy to see how he contacted Hitler, Japanese emperor and persuades people living in Singapore and Burma to form an army that was supposed to march into India and make British government to flee. His efforts and intelligence was remarkable.

I had always learnt in my schools that M.K. Gandhi was main cause of India's independence because of his non-violence and dandi march. But now when I saw this movie it makes me to ponder whether this is really true. Isn't it possible that just because after independence since Nehru became the first prime minister of India he made sure that books have Gandhi ji's name prominently regarding india's independence struggle. What about other great freedom fighter's like Subhash Chandra Bose, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru etc. Because of seeing movies on these legendry people we are now understanding that independence was because of everyone's efforts. But main important thing though is India's independence was not the result of non-voilence or satyagraha as I used to believe! I highly recommend watching this movie as a tribute to our great national hero.

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