The phone call

One fine morning Lucy woke up from her bed and suddenly she remembered to call her best friend Becky. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and Lucy wanted to discuss something very important. She hurriedly searched for the phone and started talking continuously.

Lucy: Becky, How are you? You know I have been wanting to talk to you about something that is happening to me. I really need your advice on this. Okay lemme give you the background of my concern.

(And Lucy goes on talking about her latest crush Ben...)

There is this cute guy in my class. I think I really love him but I don't think he thinks of me in this way. (She makes a sad expression.) I mean whenever, I see him or think about him I start blushing and there is this big smile on my face.

You know sometimes he sees me smiling and he smiles back in return. That's when I feel butterflies are flying in my stomach and my knees become jello. I totally think that he is cute and adorable. But when I went ahead from the smiling phase and one day I fell on my knees and he came to me asking if I am okay. He is so caring and considerate sometimes I feel may be I don't deserve a guy like him. I feel he is too perfect. He has this good sense of humor, great hairstyle and a dashing attitude.

When I look at all these girls who fall for him, I feel I could never be one of those. They are all so pretty, bitchy and charming. And here, look at me.. I don't even have a good dressing sense. But whenever I think of him my heart tells me that he is the one for me and I can be very very happy with him.

Now, one more thing I didn't tell you is this. One day he called me about homework. I will tell you how I made a complete fool of myself. I got so nervous hearing his voice that I started stammering and talking gibberish. I stuttered the whole time. But he was so sweet that he just kept on talking and calming me down.

He is just so perfect Becky, I don't know if I really deserve him. But whenever I pray in front of god I always keep wishing that one day he will notice me.
(Lucy gives a big pause after this, hoping for Becky's reaction to this)

Lucy: Becky? Are you listening to me? tell me what should I do?

Voice from Phone: Hmm.. this isn't Becky.
Lucy: Ohh.. I am sorry. But your voice sounds similar to me. who are you?

Voice from the phone: This is the same guy who's smile turns your knees to jello and whose presence makes you go out of your mind!
I just wanted to say one thing. Everything you just said, I've been wanting to say this since I met you in the class.

Lucy turned all pink and felt happy for dialing a different number than Becky's. The phone call did the magic!~

This post is written for sunday scribbling
Images taken from Google images and Pam's clip art.


  1. aale wah!!! yeah to bale bale ho gaya :) :) :)

  2. Awww, so sweet, so beautiful and perfect...:):):)


  3. The phone did the magic RaNiii.. Lucy, Becky and Ben are short and sweet Names.. :-) PS: I have posted Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

    Someone is Special

  4. Lovely piece and I really like the 'script' format you used. Great.

  5. arey wah..this is so come the guy spoke as she called her best friend becky :S daal mei kuch kala hai :P

  6. yeah becoz he didnt' say anything when she called.. she started talking continuously ... :P a similar situation happened with me that's why i came up with this story


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