Is china the next super power ?

The term "super power" must have evolved from the US - Russia relationship. Lets talk about the super power nations. What is exactly meant by being a "super power nation" ? A nation that is capable of influencing the entire world.

For this what could be the basic requirements -
  • A country should be able to influence events and its own interests to the world.
  • It should be economically very strong and should provide monetary support to other big countries.
  • Technology wise it should be at the advanced level.
  • It should have advanced millitary and have excessive power interms of nuclear resource. In short, a country that dominates in political and millitary power.
So, i have few questions popping in my mind now - Is China on the brink of becoming a truly global power? Is it already there?

Well, this is debatable. Lets see where China is standing right now and then we can compare its progress with the United States of America & India.

It is very much possible that in next few years China can emerge as a most powerful country in the world. The speed with which China has been catching up in terms of technology is mind blowing. With the overwhelming population of people and their zest for improvement and learning, there is a definite chance of China being a super power. China is not a poor country like Haiti or Bosnia where involvement of US government is necessary. It can stand up on its own. The government and the people of China can make this nation set to be the next economic super power. If you take a look at any US market, virtually all the items from toys to clothings are made in china. The US consumer is tied with China. So, if the huge market collapses then there would be poverty in china on a scale where it can force people and leaders to go for a war with neighboring countries. So, the USA & China have become economically dependent on each other and yet frightened of each other. So, this is just the economical and technological aspect of this country. However, if we consider military technology then US is much ahead of china in this aspect.
But still i would say China atleast holds the key to the world's economic well being. The country is trying to become a power house for global manufacturing and production. There are many companies in the global market who have a production unit in China. There is no secret that chinese electronic goods are the cheapest in the market and widely sold. However, we can't guarantee about its functioning sometimes ??????

In a business week article, it was claimed that China & India are facing off to see who will be the next super power. Lets compare the standards and political conditions in India and china.

  • China has an authoritarian regime, while India still hosts democracy. It has been proved in history that authoritarian regime often renders impressive short term economic growth and development. Eg. China in 1990s. Whereas, democratic regimes tend to be very sloppy with public arguments, vocal press and stubborn land lords. Hence, rapid economic growth is out of the question. It more leads to social distortion.
  • India has an active democracy, but it is highly corrupt.
  • While China has a legal system that doesn't protect the intellectual property rights. China sells pirated movies, software & music widely in the world market.
In this century, where countries are advancing so fast in terms of technology and living standards where is our country ??

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