San Diego on wildfire

I couldnt blog these days. My mind was fully diverted because of the wild fires in our city. Oh man its really horrible. Even everybody's state of mind was disturbed. They were soo devasting. Just within a matter of days they did lot of destruction to mankind. What a terrible Inferno !!!! We all were so much prepared for evacuation. Two days we did nothing other than watching the fire move towards san diego county and near our house. What a trauma... Since today life seems to be coming back to normal pace. People have started going to office. President is going to take an aerial visit of san diego city. Many places have been opened for the residents. I am really feeling bad for the small babies who had to stay in the evacuation centers. I understand that here they are giving all the amenities to the babies starting from baby food to diapers. But still i feel sad for them because they are not used to seeing the crowd and live in the smoky atmosphere. I even feel sad for the patients who are not able to walk from their bed and were relocated. i can understand how difficult it is for both of them to adjust to the mysterious nature.

I have so far seen three calamities of nature in my life. Floods, Earthquake and Wildfires !!!

May god give strength to all of us to fight against this odd.

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  1. I am really sorry for this incident...hope u gyus r fine


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